The Team

Team Principal and Throttleman

Serafino V. Cazzani “Jimmy” – Cranston, Rhode Island

A successful businessman whose professional career includes the founding of Passport Automotive Group and involvement in other successful ventures benefiting all involved parties.

Jimmy’s racing career has brought much success. He has earned numerous victories and multiple championships including two A.P.B.A. North American titles and a course speed record.

During race campaigns his team made many headlines, was featured in a Today Show segment and is always a fan favorite.

Crew Chief/Driver

Herb Stotler – Gainesville, Georgia

Herb is a renowned engine builder and boat rigger. The stable of teams he’s managed includes ALEX AND ANI , Cintron Liquid Energy, D.F. Young Logistics, Super Heat Envy and GM Goodwrench to name a few.

His accomplishments include winning multiple Divisional, National and World Titles racing against factory backed teams.

Herb has been in the industry since childhood and his Stotler Racing facility in GA is home to some of the most exotic race and pleasure vessels in the world.

Cazzani's Speedboat

Cazzani is re-entering the fray after a long hiatus. He has teamed up with Herb Stotler Racing and will be competing in the Superboat Class of offshore racing in both the SBI and OPA circuits with a debut planned for November 2018.

The vessel is a Carbon Fiber 42 foot Platinum designed by Michael Peters and powered by Stotler Racing Engines. Cazzani will throttle the boat while Herb Stotler will handle the driving.

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