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Scott Porta (pronounced: "Por-tae") began his love for boats as a young boy. He would escape from the ho-hum world of homework and chores around the house to fire up a single engined skiff and explore the back waters of the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon in Central Florida. Scott has always been fascinated with speed. He would view the water coming off an outboard powered boat transom for hours trying to improve the performance of the vessel. It occurred to him that the propeller had more efficiency and speed if you could raise it out of the water without affecting the trim. The Porta "Bracket" was born. For over 25 years, the revolutionary design of the Porta Hydraulic Transom Bracket has taken fisherman and work boats into very shallow water and offshore powerboats to efficiencies that were previously out of reach. Along with the Porta Brackets, Scott Porta is known for Running Surface Modifications on current and consistent offshore race champions.

With all designs and production well established, Scott is pursuing other unique inventions that make boating safer and faster. More marine inventions will be introduced to the high-performance world in the near future. What are the well-conceived inventions? Well, no one is talking…yet.


Claudia Hoyser

Indie modern country artist Claudia Hoyser is picking up steam and quickly capturing hearts in the U.S., as well as the U.K., with her organic, swaggery, and sultry sound. Claudia’s just released her third single, "Drinkin with the Boys" is already feeling the love from listeners and the phones have been ringing constantly for travel dates. Her last single, "What Kinda Man," peaked at 58 on the Music Row Country Breakout Charts after spinning on playlists across the country.

“I never imagined that my favorite hobby and dream of being a singer could become my actual career... now it’s my whole life,” says Claudia.

Claudia recently caught the attention of popular country music fan pages like Country Rebel, Good Ole Country, Duck Dynasty Fan Club, Belles and Gals, Keepin it Country and Country Music Nation with her weekly online video series, "Hoyser Country Monday." These pages have helped immensely in the social media networking aspect, causing her recent cover of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's "Fishin' in the Dark" to exceed 5.7 million. Her music can be found on many platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and iHeartRadio.

Immersing herself in the studio, between 40 to 60 hours a week, in addition to playing full time, Claudia is devoted to finishing her full length album and seems to have surrounded herself a crew that is just as dedicated as she is.

Here is an ALL NEW video for #HoyserCountryMonday! Thanks for listening!

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