Offshore Racing Communications of America / O.R.C.A.

Dale Owens the creator of ORCA has been involved with offshore powerboat racing since the mid-nineties. He has performed in a variety of positions to include rescue diver, race control, lead marine observer and assistant referee. He is a 37-year (retired) veteran of the Broward Sheriffs Office where he performed the duties of Road Patrol, Organized Crime, Marine Patrol and as Director of Operations of the Aviation Division.

Dale Owens has taken his years of experience and put together a professional race control platform to ensure the maximum effort and emphasis is placed on the safety of racers.

Unique to the ORCA operation are the dedicated staff briefing and debriefs of the support boats to include a review of the sop’s authored by Dale Owens. These sop’s include proper application of communications, roll call, mandatory reports during an incident or accident, on station requirements and a no alcohol ban on support boat personnel assigned to sensitive positions such as boat drivers and radio operators.

ORCA works on the sterile cockpit format which is a quiet environment void of unnecessary persons, noise and distractions that would keep our radio team from hearing important transmissions. All races are digitally recorded for debriefings and litigation. Debriefings are important aspects which guarantee that we continue to monitor, critique and improve our performance to better serve the racing community.

ORCA is the first and only race communication organization to have created and implemented a plan to align both manned aircraft and drones to avoid any mid-air conflicts.

When Dale took over race control duties, he recognized early on the need to improve communications with the aircraft, support boats and racers. Dale Owens invested in specialized test equipment, aircraft and marine radios with matching antennas and designed and built a trailing antenna system for the marine band used on the aircraft with tremendous success. Radio test equipment is a staple at all races to help troubleshoot any vessel or station with a deficient radio. Most of the time we can track it down to a faulty cable, antenna or microphone. As a result of these changes reliable communications is now a standard at race sites. ORCA is in the business of preserving lives through communication and teamwork. It is a critical aspect of a dangerous sport. We take pride in working with our team members to ensure clear communications through technology and training. ORCA is solely dedicated to Race Control utilizing both marine and aircraft band radios allowing us a full spectrum of communication across the entire race course, take out points and pits. We are a one of a kind, professional communications package with a history of performance second to none. Dale Owens is a professional airline transport rated pilot, helicopter examiner, aircraft accident consultant and active member of Dark Side Rescue certified as a NAUI Public Safety Diver.

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