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DARK SIDE OFFSHORE RACING RESCUE is a Professional Association of Rescue Swimmer / Divers that was formed to provide and identity and a platform to Team Members that have worked anonymously for so long in the Offshore Racing industry. It is a forum to provide Offshore Racing Rescue service to individual race teams, sanctioning bodies, and any entity that has a need for Professional expertise and skill for a water rescue scenario, be it a public or private event. The Offshore Racing Rescue operation is a specialty mission focused on response to incidents on the race course at an Offshore event. The mission is also historically responsible for the egress / escape training of enclosed canopy race vessels. The water Test “Dunker” training those crews must go through has been credited many times for the racers survival in the event of an inversion in a race boat.


2012 the National Association of Underwater Instructors “NAUI” granted a specialty certification for Offshore Racing Rescue. That certification was announced at the SBIP sanctioned race in Sarasota Florida. That initial certification combined Public Safety Diver training along with the mission specific evolutions for the industry including Dunker, Course set up, Receiving facility liaison, Emergency Services liaison, Rescue boat recruitment, Safety inspections, and equipment maintence and deployment. In April of 2017 “NAUI” granted a new certification for Offshore Racing Rescue. This certification included an extensive swim challenge based on the National Fire Protection Association and International Association Of Dive Rescue Specialist waterman test. As well as a comprehensive review of dive injuries and treatment. The certification also included mandatory Live Helicopter deployment training. The certification process dates back to 1997. This evolution to the current standard started with the United States Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer / Air Survival Man, entry level physical training. The use of SCUBA was added to the qualification due to the necessity of accessing an overturned vessel during an actual accident rescue effort.

DARK SIDE OFFSHORE RACING RESCUE is a Trademark owned by Captain David Harshfield Incorporated. David began his association with Offshore Racing in 1992 as a Rescue Boat Captain and Rescue Diver with Super Boat Racing. During that time the dedication to Safety by Mr. John Carbonell the President of Super Boat Racing inspired the research and development of Rescue and Safety. That Standard of Care to this day is the system used by Super Boat International Productions Inc. We are all proud to be affiliated with SBIP as Rescue and Safety Swimmer / Divers. Since that time David has pioneered the training and certification process to improve the quality and effectiveness of a system that Offshore racers have come to expect. DARK SIDE refers to the limited visibility in the water at the scene of an overturned race boat during an actual Offshore racing accident rescue. Captain Harshfield’s resume includes being one of the first State of Florida certified Paramedics in 1976. He has worked with Alachua County EMS, Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue assigned to the Air Rescue unit in 1988. He operated the BSO Fire Boat in Port Everglades from 2004 thru 2007 where he worked extensively with the BSO Marine unit. He authored the BSO Air Rescue direct transport protocol for Dive injuries to the Hyperbaric chamber at Mercy Hospital in Miami. Certifications include Dive Rescue 1, Dive Rescue 2, Med Dive, NAUI Public Safety diver, NAUI Offshore Racing Rescue Diver, USCG 100 ton Master since 1983, Florida Fire Fighter since 1990, Aero Medical and advanced Airway certification, FAA Airman since 2013, Currently with Seminole Tribe Fire Rescue.


DARK SIDE OFFSHORE RACING RESCUE is a Professional Association. It’s members are Invited by current members to participate in the evolving industry of Offshore Racing Rescue. Dark Side members enjoy a platform to exchange information, training opportunities, work opportunities, as well as the comradery of the Offshore Racing community. In the sharing of training and work opportunities the industry of Offshore Racing Rescue will become increasingly more standardized providing the most effective coverage possible for Offshore Racing events. Membership is represented by Fire Rescue, Law Enforcement, Military, and Commercial maritime operators. All members working Offshore events are Certified by NAUI in Offshore Racing Rescue. Dark Side members are the only NAUI Certified operators in the industry. All Dark Side members share a common ability. That is none other than being a true Waterman. That is a person that is fully in tune with the ocean enjoying all aspects of it and what it has to offer. Our mission is to provide the best possible Rescue and Safety service to the Offshore Racing industry. Also Members are committed to sharing the wealth of information, experience, and skill that has accrued over the years with other professional agencies or teams. We look forward to increasing that knowledge base and providing training and work opportunities in our industry.

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