Begovich and Berkon Join OPA Board . . .

Veteran offshore powerboat racer Scott Begovich of the Miss GEICO offshore racing team, which claimed two world titles in 2017, and race producer Roger Berkon, who teamed up with the Offshore Powerboat Association to bring an OPA race to Bimini for the first time last year, have been appointed to the OPA board of directors. The move was announced during the 2017 Season OPA Awards Banquet last weekend in Point Pleasant Beach, N.J.

“I’ve always been interested in the politics of the sport,” said Begovich, who ran his first race with the organization in 1999 in a 24-foot P-5-class Pantera V-bottom. “As OPA gets busier, Smitty (OPA president Ed Smith) gets busier. I know the sport and have a lot of connections.

“I’ve been with Smitty from the beginning and was around when John Haggin (the former owner of the AMF offshore racing team) helped OPA grow,” he continued. “We’re getting a lot of inquiries from people wanting races here and there and it’s overwhelming for one person. I know the game. I have promoted races. So I wanted to step up and help.”

Since exiting the cockpit of the Miss GEICO catamaran last summer, Begovich, who throttled the boat, has been staying busy with the team’s AMF Riviera Beach powerboat rigging and renovation shop in Florida. Begovich has not determined his future racing plans.

“Right now, the plan is for the team to continue with the rental boat as the repairs on our original boat are not finished,” he said. “I’m taking it one step at a time. We just hard our yearly meeting of the Miss GEICO team partners and everything is intact with the team and the sponsorship. And we’re very busy at the AMF shop.”

“We’re not going to rush anything,” he added. “We’re continuing to focus on our business.”

With Berkon still deeply involved in the complicated logistics for the international event, the OPA Resorts World Bimini Grand Prix is returning this season. The event producer/promoter has extensive history of race promotion in the Bahamas and the Caribbean, and his experience proved invaluable in helping the organization have a mostly seamless event in the waters off the tiny island.

“It’s an honor to be part of the OPA board,” said Berkon. “I intend to make the best of any opportunity to make OPA all it can be in a sport that is not all it can be. It will take a strong team effort and I am a team player. OPA will be a very strong team.”


Resorts World II CANCELLED . . .

Unfortunately, the second race in the Resorts World series had to be cancelled. READ MORE . . .


Pahokee Gran Prix To Be Rescheduled Later In 2018 . . .

The Pahokee Gran Prix scheduled for March 30, 2018 must be rescheduled in the 2018 OPA race schedule. All involved with the production of this event and the redevelopment of this marina facility including Everglades Reserve Holdings, the State of Florida and Palm Beach County have done all they could to meet the deadlines… Various lesser ‘governing bodies’ have been slow to perform and grant authorizations in a timely manner causing delays in completion.


Commercial Participation And Sponsorship Is In Transition . . .

We see it transitioning through the traditional sponsorship model; it's a global thing and not neccessarily unique to OPA and the sport of powerboat racing. The corporate marketing people are looking at greater engagement, a tangible and developed race product along wiuth return on investment. There's a monetization shift that goes with that and we fully understand it.

So, from that, we want to work with team owners in taking the redundancy out of how we have traditionally gone to market with limited success. It's going to take a lot from all of us, but to succeed, where others are not doing well, OPA must engage with our markets, our 'subscribed-team-owners' and with our participating venues, so all understand the challenges and the economics. This is important to a more stable platform allowing OPA to work on the objectives that achieve our mutual commercial goals.

The words Inform Engage Promote will anchor the OPA brand promise: it's an OPA priority, for 2018, to keep our OPA Race Teams, on topi8cs critical to mutual success. And, to maintain this prority and numerous other OPA priorities, we are developing an OPA Marketing Commnunications and Social Media program.

To be specifically included in this OPA marketing and communmications program please provide: A. your contact information, B. team name, C. team principal, D. race class, E. email address, F. list of current sponsors, G. a copy of your 2018 sponsorship solicitation.

Thank you. We look forward to your participation and our mutual success in this OPA program for 2018 and beyond.


OPA Racing Awards Banquet

Another year in the book forOPA Racing with races in Bimini, Bahamas; Point Pleasant Beach, NJ; Lake Ozark, MO; St Clair, MI; Fall River, MA; and Lake Hopatcong, NJ; and Englewood, FL.

OPA would like to take this opportunity to thank all the racers, crew, families, staff, promoters and volunteers in help making 2017 yet another successful season.

On February 10, 2018, we will once again gather to celebrate the OPA National Winners in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

The Banquet is being held at Martell's Lobster House located in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. The cost of the dinner is $75 per person, drinks not included. The Banquet starts at 6pm. The dress code is business casual which means no ripped jeans. You may wear your Team Uniforms/Shirts. Pay at the door! Cash only! NO credit cards!

The 2017 HIGH POINTS CHAMPION is #V-6 Strictly Business! Congratulations to Driver, Louie Giancontieri & Throttleman, Johnny Stanch!

Recipients of the Godfather Cup and Jimmy Welsh Trophy will be named at the Awards Dinner.

Martell's Lobster House/Tiki Bar
308 Boardwalk
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742
(732) 892-0131

For those that plan to stay overnight, we are working on getting a room block. Once we have a room block locked in, we will send out an email with the information.

World Championships at the Englewood Beach Waterfest!


1st - AMH Instigator
2nd - Bat Boat
3rd - Bull on the Beach
4th - 2nd Ammendment


1st - Strictly Business
2nd - Wazzup


1st - Perdition
2nd - Saris Racing
3rd - Ammo Camo


1st - Midwest Boat Party
2nd - Pump It
3rd - Specialized Racing
4th - Coastal Boat Sales
5th - Tunnelvision
6th - Reindl Powerboats
Wanna Race
7th - Raven
8th - ProCharger
9th - Krizen Pest Control


1st - You Gun Learn
2nd - Rum Runner
3rd - Smith Brothers CRC
4th - Liquid Addiction
5th - Knot Guilty
6th - Throttle Therapy
7th - Reindl Powerboats
Early Detection


1st - AMH Instigator
2nd - Bat Boat
3rd - Bull on the Beach
4th - 2nd Ammendment


1st - Typhoon
2nd - Tug It
3rd - BoatFloater.
com 4th - Pirate Racing
5th - Woah Mama (Orange)
6th - Done Deal
7th - Woah Mama (Green)


1st - Phantom 9
2nd - Sheriff Lobo
3rd - Mr Technology


1st - FJ Propeller
2nd - Cape Haze Marina
3rd - Shadow Pirate
4th - Mad Vapes
5th - S & P Custom Homes


1st - Miss GEICO
2nd - Stotler Turbo

2017 World Champions!

• Class 2 - AMH Instigator
• Class 3 - Strictly Business
• Class 4 - Perdition
• Class 5 - Midwest Boat Party
• Class 6 - You Gun Learn
• Class 7 - Woah Mama!
• Super Vee Lite - Typhoon
• Super Vee Xtreme - Phantom 9
• Super Stock - FJ Propeller
• Extreme - Miss GEICO

2017 National Winners!

• Class 1 - #105 Lightning Jacks
• Class 2 - #211 Bat Boat
• Class 3 - #V6 Strictly Business
• Class 4 - #441 Saris Racing
• Class 5 - #502 Specialized Racing
• Class 6 - #677 You Gun Learn
• Class 7 - #765 Goofin' Around
• Super Vee Lite - #29 Typhoon
• Super Stock - #S-55 Shadow Pirate
• Extreme - #113 Miss GEICO

OPA Markets congratulates this year's APBA Hall of Champions inductees.

• National Class inductees are: Driver, Nick Scafidi and Throttleman, Scott Porta, from team Shadow Pirate
• Bracket Class inductees are: Driver, Warren Exner and Throttleman, Michael Bocchino of team You Gun Learn.

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