OPA Offshore Powerboat Racing Series

The OPA Offshore Powerboat Racing Series provides the ultimate opportunity for effective one-on-one customer marketing. Beyond the traditional advertisement and promotion this multi-race series can deliver relevant interaction with specifically targeted (product and lifestyle activity related) consumers; and that can build strong and lasting sales and service relationships. We know consumers prefer to purchase products and services from companies that partner with their choice of lifestyle events and activities.

OPA invites you to join us in developing a year-around link with this highly-targeted, sponsor-loyal market; become a OPA Offshore Powerboat Racing Series Associated Brand, Commercial Partner or Contingency Awards Sponsor.

OPA is actively marketing now and throughout the ‘off-season’. We can deliver cost-effective sales and marketing packages designed to build visibility and sales activity for your brand. And unlike traditional sponsorship the OPA Powerboat Racing Series provides a year-round alliance offering you a unique tie to this select market.

As an OPA Offshore Powerboat Racing Series commercial partner you will be a part of our strong social media network and nationally targeted email campaigns giving you the added brand recognition and market exposure you are looking for.

When it comes to our commercial partners and sponsors for 2018 we prefer to “give ‘em what they want…” To discuss Commercial Partnership, Sponsorship or a Contingency Awards program contact us today at opamarkets@opamarkets.com. We are very easy to work with.

OPA Associate Brands

OPA is fortunate to have a great group of member race teams, true-believers and hard-core race fans. Most everyone is excited about the race product and numerous marketing, sponsorship and co-branding opportunities that the APBA sanctioned, OPA Racing Series has to offer.

If you’re one of the group and you recommend an, OPA approved, business and that business then participates in the OPA Associate Brands Program, we will say thank you in more than just words. OPA will pay a generous Finders Fee . . .
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OPA Race Series

The OPA Race Series is a unique opportunity for businesses and cities alike to get their brand and name in front of thousands of fans dedicated to the Performance Ocean Sports Lifestyle . . . this market dictates trends: they are intelligent, sports-wise, socially adept and affluent. Join the list of businesses and cities who have positively impacted their brand by being a part of the incredible sport of Open Water / Offshore Powerboat Racing.


OPA-20 "Star Power"

We are on the hunt for the top 20 OPA open water offshore powerboat racers and team owners who go above and beyond to overcome racings challenges, represent OPA at its professional best, and have the willingness to drive change for the commercial good and endorsement of our sport. Whether a long-time team owner, a driver, a rising star, or someone just starting out... this is a search for “Star-Power” candidates and those that fearlessly drive our sports success.

Nominate yourself, or a qualified person you know, to be considered for OPA-20, a season long program designed to showcase open water offshore powerboat racers and team owners and assist the OPA-20 honorees develop “Star Power”. MORE INFO . . .


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OPA Markets News

Point Pleasant Beach Grand Prix

There is probably no single race more famous than The Benihana Offshore Grand Prix. This race was known as the Indy 500 of Offshore Racing and was held in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, during the 1970's. The New Jersey Offshore Powerboat Racing Association has been the host club since racing started in Point Pleasant Beach some 40+ years ago. NJ Offshore (NJOPRA) is still a very active club with over 100 members and has kept the tradition of Offshore Racing alive on the Jersey Shore for all those years.

Over the years, the name of the Point Pleasant Beach race has been changed each time a new sponsor was obtained. It's been called: The Hennessey Offshore Grand Prix, The Benihana Offshore Grand Prix, The Ray Catena Offshore Grand Prix, The New Jersey Offshore Grand Prix, The War at the Shore, the Jenkinson's Offshore Grand Prix and the year of 2005 it was called The Jersey Boyz Offshore Grand Prix.

During the years, the race course has gotten smaller and shorter. In the Benihana days, the race was over 200 miles long running laps from NY's Fire Island to Seaside Heights NJ. One lap was about 80 miles. For the spectators, and there were many, the boats came by once an hour and only three or four times depending upon the race course configurations. Today the racecourse is a small 4 mile oval as close to the beach as possible. Since the beach drops off quickly, the boats usually run within 150 feet of the surf. Even the outside leg can be clearly seen from the shoreline. TENTATIVE SCHEDULE . . .

Congratulations! OPA 2017 World Champions

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