Commercial Participation And Sponsorship In Transition . . .

We see it transitioning through the traditional sponsorship model; it's a global thing and not neccessarily unique to OPA and the sport of powerboat racing. The corporate marketing people are looking at greater engagement, a tangible and developed race product along wiuth return on investment. There's a monetization shift that goes with that and we fully understand it.

So, from that, we want to work with team owners in taking the redundancy out of how we have traditionally gone to market with limited success. It's going to take a lot from all of us, but to succeed, where others are not doing well, OPA must engage with our markets, our 'subscribed-team-owners' and with our participating venues, so all understand the challenges and the economics. This is important to a more stable platform allowing OPA to work on the objectives that achieve our mutual commercial goals. READ MORE . . .

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