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Commercial Participation and Sponsorship in Transition

We see it continually transitioning through the traditional sponsorship models; it's a global thing and not necessarily unique to the sport of powerboat racing. The corporate marketing people are looking at greater engagement, a tangible and developed race product along with return on investment. There's a monetization shift that goes with that and we fully understand it.

So, from that, we want to work with selected team owners in taking the redundancy out of how we have traditionally gone to market with limited success. It's going to take a lot from all of us, but to succeed, where others are not doing well, we must engage with the markets, our 'subscribed-team-owners' and with the participating venues, so all understand the challenges and the economics. This is important to a more stable platform allowing us to work on the objectives that achieve our mutual interests and commercial goals.

The words Inform Engage Promote anchor the brand promise: it's a priority to keep our participating Race Teams informed on topics critical to mutual success. And, to maintain this priority and numerous other priorities, we are developing a Communications and Lifestyle Media program.

To be specifically included in this marketing and communications program please provide: a) your contact information, b) team name, c) team principal, d) race class, e) email address, f) list of current sponsors, g) a copy of your current sponsorship solicitation, h) race boat photo.

Please send all to RogerBerkon@OPAMarkets.com

Thank you. We look forward to your participation and our mutual success.


The following is an article written in 2004 by Bob Zeller for Road and Track. It chronicles the creation of the IRL and the reasoning behind the creation. The lessons could be applied today to SBI vs OPA vs Race World Offshore.

CART vs. IRL: Who Won the War?

In the struggle for dominance of open-wheel racing, it looks like everyone lost.

One of the notable lowlights of the long, bloody war in Indy-car racing occurred earlier this year when more spectators attended the 29th running of the Long Beach Grand Prix than watched it on television.

Open-wheel-racing enthusiasts already knew the bottom had fallen out of Indy-car TV ratings, whether you chose not to watch the Indy Racing League, or avoided the Champ Car World Series staged by Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART). But this news was stunning. Estimated Long Beach race-day attendance: 95,000. Estimated nationwide television audience on Speed: 69,000 households.

It was just the latest indignity in a never-ending debacle. Or then again, maybe it is ending. As this story went to press, CART was still hanging on, but just barely. A takeover bid by Open Wheel Racing Series LLC—headed by car owners Paul Gentilozzi, Gerald Forsythe, Kevin Kalkhoven, and others who offered to buy up CART's stock at 56 cents a share—was still pending. CART stock had been as high as $35.63 in 1999.

Not that Tony George's Indy Racing League had much to gloat about. Its 2003 ratings on national television were consistently less than a point (usually 0.7 or 0.8 on ABC, or about 700,000 to 800,000 viewers). With the defection of CART teams to the IRL, and with most of the original IRL teams gone, the league was looking more like CART than CART. And it faced serious safety issues, both on the track and in the grandstands, in the wake of horrific late-season crashes that killed Tony Renna at Indianapolis and severely injured Kenny Brack at Texas.

This racing war has always been about power and control. Forty years ago, when Indianapolis Motor Speedway president Tony George was just a little tyke, his grandfather, Tony Hulman, controlled the speedway, the Indy 500, and the sport. Hulman died in 1977, and by 1979, Indy-car owners had wrested control of the sport from the speedway. On March 11, 1994, when he announced the creation of the Indy Racing League, George embarked on his campaign to take it back. It's been almost 10 years now, so we asked some notable participants: Who won the war? READ MORE

Presenting - Scuderia Cazzani

Cazzani is re-entering the fray after a long hiatus. He has teamed up with Herb Stotler Racing . . . READ MORE

Ocean Sports Markets

Claudia Hoyser

Indie modern country artist Claudia Hoyser is picking up steam and quickly capturing hearts in the U.S., as well as the U.K., with her organic, swaggery, and sultry sound. READ MORE

Ocean Sports Markets

Pahokee Outpost

Opening the Winter of 2018. www.pahokeeoutpost.com

Ocean Sports Markets

Meet The Mantra

A Streamlined Jet Ski from the Future! READ MORE


Disclaimer - Capt. M Needlemeyer

In coming editions of this column, the ol’ Captain is going to say what the brandishing hordes and the sports elite do not want me to say. It may be interesting to some… I am sure it will be annoying as Hell to others. Until then the men in white coats are here with an ice cold Pacifico (cerveza) and a ride back to the ship; you see, as a matter of health and safety, I am not allowed anywhere on shore after sunset.


Open Water Powerboat Racing And Lifestyle Advert Campaign To Boost Beverage Brand In US

A new series of commercial spots, tied to Open Water Powerboat Racing in 2019, is being developed to build and maximize a beverage brand’s recognition and sales volume in the US!

According to J. Garcia, the VP of Brands and Marketing, the brand is over 100 years old, and still growing, now she feels there is an urgent need to build brand awareness in the US.

The Open Water Powerboat Racing Lifestyle commercials are tentatively scheduled to debut the 5th of February leading up to the 2020 Miami International Boat Show. The planned thirty second commercials are the first electronic media ads for this brand in over three decades.

“The decision to return to television and the Internet started as a discussion about our desire for a corporate rebrand, with Roger Berkon, at the Resorts World Bimini Offshore Powerboat Gran Prix in 2016. That event and further discussion opened us up to the numerous possibilities. We looked at our media mix in a very different way causing us to shift away from our primarily tabloid trade print to TV sports advertising”, said Juanita Garcia.

There are multiple components to the association with the Open Water Powerboat Racing lifestyle, including promotion during broadcasts, the possible sponsorship of a co-branded Race of Champions and numerous branding opportunities at the race sites. The campaign intends to entertain fans, host beverage retailers and distributor prospects, while building brand awareness at each of at least six proposed Open Water Powerboat Racing events.

The Open Water Powerboat Racing Lifestyle theme of the commercial spots will be carried throughout multiple media, including print, social and digital, as well as select trade shows and key in-person on site celebrity events. Two state of the art, canopied, race boats symbolizing the brand, sport and lifestyle are to be featured across the creative. The boats, being considered, are to be shown in a variety of settings and locations you might not expect to see them, such as a major construction site, a large manufacturing facility, a brewery, a soccer stadium, a winter sport resort and a NASCAR speedway.

“It is an exciting way of (brand-tba) illustrating our commitment to building the consumer relationship and getting to know and better understand our US customers,” says Ms. Garcia.”


Victory Team Set For Trans-Atlantic Presence

Dubai: The Class One boats of Victory Team are bracing up for a trans-Atlantic challenge as they prepare for the Super Boat International (SBI) to be held in Key West, Florida in USA at the end of the year.

SBI is the leading North American professional powerboat organisation for Class One powerboats founded by John Carbonell with teams from all around the world competing from May through October in the National Series Points races. The concluding round is the famous Key West World Championships that are scheduled to be held from November 4-11 this year. READ MORE


Pahokee Gran Prix To Be Rescheduled In 2019 . . .

The Pahokee Gran Prix scheduled for March 30, 2018 must be rescheduled. All involved with the production of this event and the redevelopment of this marina facility including Everglades Reserve Holdings, the State of Florida and Palm Beach County have done all they could to meet the deadlines… Various lesser ‘governing bodies’ have been slow to perform and grant authorizations in a timely manner causing delays in completion.

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