The event format, classes and scheduling are in the works . . .

11/18/2018 - We are planning and developing an Offshore Powerboat Racing & Performance Boats Lifestyle Festival that will include production elements, creative values, and a marketing and management style that all event participants can take pride in.

Our targeted markets and participants can and do dictate trends; they are intelligent, sports-wise, socially adept and affluent. They are a proven fickle group dedicated to an ‘OceanSports’ lifestyle but NOT necessarily loyal to any event, or venue. Our targeted participant and market segments have relatively easy access to inordinate discretionary income. They are the 'Me Markets’... they work hard, play harder and demand attention.

This yet to be named and scheduled event is to appeal to the ‘OceanSports’ and Performance Boat markets seeking the excitement and ‘buzz’ of a performance powerboat lifestyle event, a social rendezvous… The activities can include entertainment, a red-carpet Offshore Powerboat racing legends reception, performance marine lifestyle product exhibits, and a multi class performance power boat rally.

Now is your opportunity to show sincere interest and participate with legitimate race event questions and qualified constructive input.

12/13/2018 - To date we have had a great deal of enthusiastic interest in the proposed Miami to Bimini ‘race’ event, as briefly described. Presently, it is our position that we will consider promoting and producing this event in 2019 subject to:

a) APBA- sanction via an APBA-Offshore Racing Commission ‘recognized’ club.
b) APBA- insurance as available and issued for this specific International ‘race-event’ / ‘rally-event’.
c) APBA- all rules as applicable to Offshore Powerboat Racing are followed as published.
d) PPOR- promoters’ producers’ options to resources - Air / Sea Rescue- Dark Side Racing Rescue
e) FAA- recognition and approvals - US Aircraft (activity)
f) BAA- recognition and approvals - Bahamas Aircraft (activity)
g) USCG- recognition and approvals - US Watercraft (activity)
h) RBDF- recognition and approvals - Bahamas Watercraft (activity)
i) USCI- recognition and approvals - US Homeland Security Customs Immigration
j) BCI- recognition and approvals- Bahamas Customs Immigration Watercraft (cruise permit waiver)
k) State County Municipal Permits- as may be needed; subject to dates, advances and commitments

There are a couple of ways to approach an event such as this: a) run for time by class with Rescue and Safety Resources staggered across on station at way points backed up by 2 helicopters over and back; b) run classes in separate groups staggered far enough apart to keep the staff coverage and the Rescue boats holding station on the way points. Ether a) or b) would have five-mile way points with a minimum of one suitably equipped / staffed service boat trailing each class.

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